Shown above is a letter written during the time of the second world war in October 1941 when the level of security into any factory involved in the war effort must have been very stringent.

Of interest is the letter's reference WM/RG/RF showing the person who wrote the letter. My suggestion would be William Moffat / Ron Gardiner / ???    (any ideas about the typist).

Note that the firm's Works were still in Trowbridge in 1941. The firm closed their works in Trowbridge and relocated their Head Office to London in 1947.

Shown above is a copy of a letter dated 28th May 1945 written by the Chairman G Nelson Haden to all Members of the Company soon after the war was officially declared over.

This was to make a payment of a VICTORY BONUS for the inside and outside staff, who were in the employ of the company on "VE" day .

Letters donated by Tim Lewis whose father George Lewis
received this correspondence from the company.